How to Find Prospects

Finding Prospects

Some people believe that if they know a lot of people it will lead to success with their MLM business; other people think that because they don’t know many people it will be impossible for them to create a solid MLM business. Although this sounds logical, it’s most certainly not the case.

Naturally, to begin with we approach those closest to us; family and close friends seem to be the foundation starting point for nearly all direct sellers within the industry.

But what do you do when everyone in your close circle has been approached?

This is the question which stumps most budding-entrepreneurs in the business; however, with a little strategic thinking and planning it really is possible to make your MLM business a success.

Start with a simple 3 point plan:

What products am I selling?

This may sound silly, but it’s one of the fundamentals of direct selling.

When you approached your parents or your best friend, they probably didn’t ask too many questions; firstly because they know you and secondly they want to help you on your way with your new found business. However, when you start looking for new prospects outside of your close circle (otherwise known as ‘your warm market’) be prepared to answer every question imaginable.

So, how do you gain product knowledge?

  • Be a consumer

This is probably the most powerful tool available to us. There is no stronger testimony than your own. I had a certain problem, then I started taking/using this product and now the problem has gone. When you can say, ‘I know this product works because I’ve tried it,’ you will have a whole new level of confidence in selling. But what happens when you are not a consumer? How does a man sell beauty products and the other array of items in the K-Link range designed for the female sector? This is where trusted testimonies come in; if you look around the direct selling industry, lots of successful MLM leaders are actually husband and wife partnerships. This means that together they can both be consumers of the products which are suited to their gender.

  • Product Talks

With K-Link the training is first class; we hold weekly product talks in our stockists all over Indonesia. This really is a great way to gain a more in-depth knowledge products. You can ask the presenter any questions you might have and share knowledge with other members in attendance.

  • Your upline and other members

Utilise the knowledge and expertise of your upline and other senior members. One of the great things about MLM and especially K-Link is that it fosters a sharing community. Your upline wants you to be a success because it will help their group bonus and the same for you and your downlines. Take advantage of this family spirit by finding out all you need to know about the products you are selling.

  • Internet

We live in an age where access to information is just a click away. This website’s product and testimony section will help build your understanding. A Google search will provide you with vast amounts of information related to the type of products you are seeking knowledge about.

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Also, social media is playing a big role in the sharing of information; these are all wonderful free resources to help you make a success of your business. A point to note with the internet is that because it is a general public resource pooling of knowledge and experiences some of what you find on there might not be totally accurate; take your time reading from several different sources to find out what information is correct and best to use for future marketing strategies.

K-Link now has over 100 products, gaining a true understanding of all the products takes time. This is where your strategic planning comes in. Think about your most likely market; if you are a young lady then perhaps the K-Link beauty range might appeal to you; however, if you are a middle-aged man K-Engine Power, Omega Squa and the Ayurveda series may be your chosen product(s) starting point. Once you have gained a comprehensive knowledge of your chosen product, you will have a lot more confidence when prospecting it. After that go back to the thinking stage and start again with another product. It is a simple system but it works; think of it as taking small steps and each step brings you closer to your goal.

Who would benefit from these products?

Let’s be realistic, not everyone wants to buy every product you have to sell. People are all different; they have different wants, needs, desires and problems. As was mentioned, take time thinking about what is the best market for you to approach. A person who does not own a motorcycle or car probably has no need for K-Engine Power, and a bald man, such as myself, does not require the excellent hair care products K-Link has to offer. Running an MLM business is hard work, and lots of people who you approach say, ‘No, thanks.’ This can lead to you thinking it is impossible to make a decent residual income, but by adopting a targeted approach to your marketing you will notice an increase in people who say, “Yes.’ Why? Simply because you are offering a product to the consumer which most likely fits their wants, needs, desires or will solve their problem.

How do I find these people?

Being as Indonesia is a very community-orientated country it offers vast potential to find and be a part of groups, organisations, communities, etc which contain like-minded people.

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I joined a football supporters group, from there I started playing futsal with them, by doing that I met new people, and got introduced to new activities and new groups such as badminton and volleyball. I bought a motorcycle and joined an owner’s club community to share knowledge and information about our bikes.

It’s important to state that joining communities just to promote your business is not a good tactic to use. Spend time getting to know people first, building relationships. When playing futsal, people would ask, ‘What is that green stuff you are drinking?’

I tell them it’s K-Liquid Chlorophyll and the reasons why I consume it. The best product you can give a prospect is information. People want solutions to their problems; so simply by providing them with information which will help them solve their specific problems, you will place yourself in a position of trust with the prospect. This builds up a relationship and adds to your credibility.

Online communities are also a great way to connect with like-minded people; again the same approach applies, spend time relationship building, be honest and true to yourself and the rewards will come. Contribute to your chosen group by offering valuable content; information that people what to hear. You must not think of your MLM business as a get rich quick scheme, it’s not. It’s a business that if you take the time building strong, lasting relationships then you will reap the rewards in the future.

Even if you are the shy, quiet type because you are involved in a offline or online communities which you are interested in you will find it easier to get involved in the discussions they are having.

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Think of it as an extension to what we first mentioned, you are simply making your close circle much bigger, and with a bigger close circle of friends you are more likely to make more sales later down the road.

The opportunity which K-Link Indonesia offers is remarkable and with the correct mindset and planning it really is possible to become a top MLM leader. How do you find new prospects? What methods work best for you? Please share your comments so we can all learn and improve together to make the K-Link family even bigger than it already is.